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Have you ever doodled and wondered if you could do more with it and learn how to really draw? Learn how to use doodling strategies to create drawings that breathe with light and life. Access your creativity through the “back door” of doodling to create original works from your imagination. Ever wondered why some drawings in spite of best efforts to be accurate look stiff and weird? Learn some of the top pitfalls of drawing and how to fix them to take your work to the next level. Beginners welcome.

Doodle to Draw Item #: S120  

Fee: $105.00

5 Friday Sessions 10/6/2017 - 11/3/2017


Room: Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship located at 1033 N. Barr Road

Feel free to bring what you have on hand. This list is a rough outline and provided that you have the basics, you should be completely fine.

Wear layers and clothes/apron that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. While most drawing materials wash out easily – it can still be a messy process.

Sources of Materials:
Port Angeles: Olympic Stationers
Silverdale: Michaels Arts & Crafts
Online: – here’s a link to recommended supplies/brands:

•    A  9”x12” notebook/sketchbook or larger for drawing
•    Hard/soft pencils (6B, 4B, 2B, H)
•    Pens (ballpoint, Sharpie, rollerball etc. whatever you prefer to write with…)
•    Eraser
•    A ruler
•    Tracing paper

A smile!

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Colored inks offer a huge range of versatility for creating layers with your painting. Learn how to create glow and shadow effects to add more depth and light to your painting. Mix colors beyond the basics to make both more naturalistic and vivid effects. Ink is a perfect medium between drawing and painting - so it's a great (and economical) way to explore and make the transition with confidence from drafting/drawing skills to painting.

Color Ink MagicItem #: S021  

Fee: $130.00

5 Friday Sessions 10/6/2017 - 11/3/2017


Room: Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship located at 1033 N. Barr Road

Class fee includes all necessary art supplies, which students will keep.

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Please Note Change to Peninsula College Classes dates/venue

Due to budget cuts, the original venue/dates were not available,
so we found something much better! (The print catalogue is inaccurate...)

Dear PC students, 

We wish to inform you of a location and date change of classes that you are enrolled in. Class Doodle to Draw and Colored Ink Magic taught by Melissa Klein have been relocated to Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship located at 1033 N. Barr Road and the start date has changed to accommodate the location change. Class is now scheduled to start 10-6 through 11-3.   We have added a link to a google map If this schedule change is a conflict please email or call me and I can refund you. We apologize for any issues this may cause you. 

Nicole Volkmann 

Administrative Assistant IV/Community & Business Education Peninsula College 

 T 360-417-6335

“Take ART seriously, but not yourself.”
-Me.Lissa Klein



Crackle Milk Paint Art

Reading between the cracks in the paint and pulling out the images, similar to a Rorschach text.

I make my own milk paint and then create layers using ink, acrylic, gouache and airbrush.

Practicality & Flubber

My alter-egos. Practicality is the sensible one who has always weighed about 98lbs. Flubber looks more like me and acts more immature. I think...

The FAPC Experience

FAPC is my acronym for "Fucking Awful Possible Cancer" - it wasn't cancer, it wasn't "pre-cancer," it was atypical cells and they wanted them out. Now.

My experience with the healthcare complex, mortality and how I wanted to live the rest of my life.


Book in progress about what it's like to date post-divorce, after 18 years of being out of the game.

Me.Lissa Klein

Friends and family call me "Lissa"
I also answer to "Melissa"


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