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Artist. Writer. Educator. Owned by 2 horses, 2 cats and one dog.
“Take ART seriously, but not yourself.”
-Me.Lissa Klein

Plein Air Landscape Painting Class

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Acrylic, oil or watercolor

July 27 10am-2pm (with lunch break) 
August 3rd 11-2 (with lunch break)
August 10th 11-2 (with lunch break)

Paint the big sky views and mountains of the Olympic Peninsula! Have you ever been inspired to paint your vision of the beautiful landscapes of Port Angeles, but didn't know where to start? Or have you felt that your attempts to paint landscapes could be better? Learn how to construct a landscape that is both realistic and expressive. Master tips and techniques that will bring your work to the next level to paint with confidence.

Plein air paint in a comfortable environment with big views, shelter and... bathrooms!  

Students will learn:   

• How to use composition to create depth in a painting   
• How to paint skies and clouds with expression  
• Color mixing to match the palette of the natural landscape  
• Brush stroke techniques to create realistic trees/greenery  
• Atmospheric, one and two point perspective

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Crackle Milk Paint Art

Reading between the cracks in the paint and pulling out the images, similar to a Rorschach text.

I make my own milk paint and then create layers using ink, acrylic, gouache and airbrush.

Practicality & Flubber

My alter-egos. Practicality is the sensible one who has always weighed about 98lbs. Flubber looks more like me and acts more immature. I think...

The FAPC Experience

FAPC is my acronym for "Fucking Awful Possible Cancer" - it wasn't cancer, it wasn't "pre-cancer," it was atypical cells and they wanted them out. Now.

My experience with the healthcare complex, mortality and how I wanted to live the rest of my life.


Book in progress about what it's like to date post-divorce, after 18 years of being out of the game.

Storm and Rasputin are friends now!

January 01, 2016By: Robin Dower
From enemies to friends, why can't we be more like them?

Me.Lissa Klein

Friends and family call me "Lissa"
I also answer to "Melissa"


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