Me.Lissa Klein

Artist. Writer. Educator. Owned by 2 horses, 2 cats and one dog.


Ongoing... More information soon. Website in progress.
Like everything else in my life.

Crackle Milk Paint Art

Reading between the cracks in the paint and pulling out the images, similar to a Rorschach text.

I make my own milk paint and then create layers using ink, acrylic, gouache and airbrush.

Practicality & Flubber

My alter-egos. Practicality is the sensible one who has always weighed about 98lbs. Flubber looks more like me and acts more immature. I think...

The FAPC Experience

FAPC is my acronym for "Fucking Awful Possible Cancer" - it wasn't cancer, it wasn't "pre-cancer," it was atypical cells and they wanted them out. Now.

My experience with the healthcare complex, mortality and how I wanted to live the rest of my life.


Book in progress about what it's like to date post-divorce, after 18 years of being out of the game.

Me.Lissa Klein

Friends and family call me "Lissa"
I also answer to "Melissa"


PO Box 2272
Sequim WA 98382